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Garage Door Brand Highlight: Hörmann

We would like to highlight one of our brands today. This is a brand we install often and can stand behind. The brand is Hörmann garage doors.

Here around Athens and Huntsville AL, there are plenty of different garage doors to choose from. However, there is only a few that thread that needle of affordability, durability, and looks. We would like to highlight one of our brands today. This is a garage door brand we install often and can stand behind. The brand is Hörmann garage doors.

About Hörmann Garage Doors 

Hörmann garage doors are operated by the third and fourth generations, the grandson and great-grandsons, of the company’s founder. Hormann began manufacturing steel garage doors in Germany in the 1930’s and sectional doors in the 1960’s. They opened their U.S. division in 2002 and are headquartered in Montgomery, Illinois. Hörmann designs and manufactures both commercial and residential garage doors, and durability is one of the main strong points of the brand. If you want your garage door to last a long time, Hormann is the name to trust. The level of engineering that goes into each door is very high, surpassing the normal standards required here in AL. All of the products sold in North America are also made at manufacturing facilities in Montgomery, Illinois, Sparta, Tennessee, and Puyallup, Washington.

Some of the Current Product Line

  • Polaris 9200
  • Infinity Classic 7800
  • Classic Safe 7200
  • Therma Style 5500 
  • Deco Safe 5250
  • Style Safe 5200
  • Clima Tech 4400
  • Therma Tech 3400
  • Therma Safe 3200
  • Pro-Tech 2500 
  • Pro Safe 2100

Why Stateline Garage Doors Recommend Hörmann?

We stand behind the Hörmann garage door brand for a few reasons. The panels and hardware are, just as we mentioned, more durable than other brands. There is a wide range of colors and styles that can fit the style of home you have and they do all this without sacrificing affordability. 

One example is the Hörmann Pro Tech 2500 garage door that offers all the choices, safety, and durability without breaking your budget. The Pro-Tech features tongue and groove section joints, 13 available colors with a steel thickness of 25 ga. The optional polystyrene insulation with vinyl back cover (R-Value of 7.4) offers a sensible solution for energy savings. 

With 13 different color options, 5 different panel options, and 26 window designs there are plenty of options to achieve your desired look. 

If you are looking to replace your garage doors or build a new home with a garage, give us a call here at Stateline Garage Doors. Stateline Garage Door, LLC has been installing garage doors in Athens and surrounding areas for many years. We offer fast, friendly service and believe in respect and craftsmanship. We can offer you a free detailed quote and would be happy to assist you with any questions that you may have. Contact us for a free on-site consultation.